Services & Offerings

Telecommunications Infrastructure Development Company is a provider of wireless site development services to the telecommunications industry within the midwest and east coast regions.

TID-CO., has access to site acquisition specialists that are responsible for identifying and securing sites based upon customer location and technical requirements.  Our site acquisition and construction management teams work closely together to ensure that each site candidate meets the needs of the client. In addition, our zoning specialists work closely with required State and Local government agencies as well as Federal Regulatory Agencies to ensure all necessary permits are secured in a timely manner.

Specific Services Offered (Not Limited To) Are:

  • Market Analysis
  • Site Identification / Feasibility Analysis
  • Building Assessment
  • Site Evaluation Reporting
  • Negotiation & Execution of Leases, Extensions, Perpetual Easements, and Land Purchases
  • Zoning & Building Permit Processing
  • Telecommunications Coordination
  • Electrical / Utility Coordination
  • Construction Management
  • Site Management & Marketing Services For Building (Rooftop) and Site Owners
  • Full Suite — General Contractor

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