Telecommunications Infrastructure Development Company (TID-CO.) is an Ohio based company founded in 2002 and formed for the betterment of communication efforts through communities across the midwest and east-coast regions. Since formation it has organized a diverse management team with extensive experience in the telecommunications industry to assure the company’s success by meeting set objectives.

Wireless communication is evolving and has arguably become a necessity to every-day living instead of the luxury it once was. With current events demanding instant access to communications and data (broadband), the telecommunications infrastructure will need constant improvements to handle the increase in demand.

TID-CO., differentiates itself from the competition by providing tower sites that are designed and constructed to handle the co-location of multiple service providers. The benefits of this are passed onto the providers in the form of reduced infrastructure build-out costs. Ultimately the communities TID-CO develops in will benefit from reducing the number of towers and increasing the competition amongst providers, i.e. better coverage for all.

Through diligent negotiations, perseverance, research, honesty and integrity, TID-CO., will strive to meet the goals set by any management team. We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and look forward to working with any provider be it small or large.

To join our part of the evolution, contact us!

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